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Title: Bound
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sherlock and John wake on a strange bed, naked and bound together. When Moriarty enters and reveals his intent to rape one of them, they both expect him to focus on Sherlock. He doesn't.
Warnings: Non-con
Genre: hurt/comfort, angst, porn, dark!fic
Wordcount: ~7000
Author’s note: This was originally posted over here on the Sherlock Kink Meme.

The full prompt it fills is as follows: "Sherlock and John are captured and tied up to each other on a bed, both completely naked. Moriarty comes in and says he's going to rape one of them. Both of them expect it to be Sherlock.

So of course, he rapes John instead.

Basically I'd like to see John attempting to face it calmly, trying not to break down, and Sherlock just totally freaking out. Trying to dissuade Moriarty, offering himself as better alternative and then – when it doesn't work – trying to help John through it as best he can when he's literally tied to John."

This fic leans more toward the hurt than the comfort side of that scenario.

Links: at LiveJournal in ?format=light, or AO3.

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Title: Under Ice
Rating: R
Summary: Molly Hooper is Moriarty.
Warnings: See author's note.
Genre: gen, alternate universe (reinterpretation of canon)
Wordcount: ~6000
Author’s note: I think that the ways in which people in fandom can take a fanon theory and do some absolutely fantastic mental gymnastics while reexamining canon with the agenda of proving that the theory is correct is really impressive. I misinterpreted what ‘Molliarty’ meant and decided that I wanted to do that with the theory that Molly is Moriarty. I think I managed fairly well.

There are various things worth warning for in this, mostly what you would expect given the subject matter. I want to explicitly warn for implications regarding the sexual assault of children and the abetting thereof in this fic. There is nothing beyond implication here, but it’s pretty strong and intended, so please be cautious if that would upset you.

Links: at LiveJournal in ?format=light, or AO3.

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Title: Retail Edition
Rating: T
Summary: You are John Watson, the protagonist of a BBC Sherlock dating simulator.
Warnings: None
Genre: crack, humour
Wordcount: ~1700
Author’s note: This was originally written and posted over here on the Sherlock Kink Meme. I think my personal opinions on certain marketing tactics used by the gaming industry come through rather strongly here. Hopefully you'll find my impotent rage amusing.

Links: at LiveJournal in ?format=light, or AO3.

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Title: Cooking With Jim!
Rating: R
Summary: Jim really does want Sherlock to back off. He shares a meal with Sherlock in order to make himself perfectly clear.
Warnings, kinks & contents: forced cannibalism, some descriptions of mutilations, & mutilation of a main character [Click through for identity](highlight for identity): ---John---
Genre: horror, dark!fic
wordcount: ~4100 words
Author's note: This was written forever ago over at the anonymous meme. I'm finally working up the courage to de-anon.

Links: at LiveJournal in ?format=light, or AO3.

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